Customer-focused service combined with cutting-edge technology

At ABT Power Management, we provide far more than batteries. We provide total battery management service with a customer-first philosophy. While today’s cutting-edge power management technologies provide definitive benefits, the only way we can determine the perfect solution is by understanding our customers’ specific needs. To us, the perfect solution—whether it’s for motive or reserve power—is the one that delivers power at the lowest cost of ownership, and with complete peace of mind.

From day one, precise customer data has led the way

ABT was formed in January of 2000. After 23 years of experience in the battery manufacturing industry, Ken Fearn, our Founder, decided to strike out on his own. Ken’s customer-centric approach was evident immediately in one of our very first jobs. We were tasked with performing fleet studies that included roughly 3,000 total lift trucks across six different customers. To collect the necessary data, Ken and his team monitored battery usage day and night, often sleeping on pallets in distribution centers. In the end, the ABT team reduced fleets by at least 25% for all six customers. This early effort illustrates our belief that you must have a hands-on approach to find a customized power management solution.

The start of a new kind of power pledge

Another seminal moment in our history occurred with the launch of GuaranteedPOWER® in 2002. By providing fixed monthly rates for three- to five-year stretches, we took the onus of power management off our customers and placed it squarely on our shoulders. Revolutionary at the time, this concept is still an industry leader in eliminating risk and cost for customers. We guarantee both the battery/capital reduction, as well as the operational uptime. Coupled with our in-house monitoring software, we’re also able to provide service before many of our customers even know they need it.

From lift trucks to mission critical needs, too

Over time, it became obvious that our power management expertise applied perfectly to reserve power applications as well. For telecommunications companies and mission critical facilities such as hospitals, banks, and data centers, we began providing our proficiency for back-up power solutions, which must be fully prepared to perform when potential emergencies or outages occur. Our commitment to service and product reliability serves this crucial industry well.

Our employees make it all possible

Over nearly 20 years, we’ve grown from one employee to a team of 80+, with seven facilities scattered across the Southeast. ABT Power Management is a four-time recipient of the "Fast 50 Company" award by the Triad Business Journal, an accolade given to the 50 fastest-growing (and privately-held) companies in the Piedmont Triad. This acknowledgment is directly attributable to our ABT employees. Their dedication to consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations is the only reason we’ve been able to find success, and continue growing. Based on the ABT team’s level of commitment, we’re confident that will continue for years to come.