Your mission critical infrastructure must be flawless.

UPS Room Facilities like data centers, hospitals, and banks all have one thing in common: they simply can’t afford any downtime. For mission critical facilities, an outage can cost millions of dollars. For that reason, only a comprehensive backup power solution is acceptable, and it must be proactively maintained to make it invincible. ABT will handle all of your mission critical infrastructure needs, starting with a complete site assessment of your facility. Our capabilities include owner representation, commissioning (and decommissioning) services, providing asset management, and vendor management. From installing the new equipment to removing the old, our goal is to provide you with a foolproof, turnkey solution.

We’ll maintain your mission critical facility solution, too.

GeneratorsWhether we’re using infrared scanning to check your electrical and mechanical systems, or completing annual load bank testing on your emergency power generator, maintenance is crucial for critical facility reserve power success. Our programs take into account:

  • Complete system annual maintenance and testing
  • Guaranteed maintenance schedule and cost
  • Contingency planning and disaster recovery
  • Joint Commission on Health Care Organizations compliance (JCHCO)
  • Facility, data center and critical path audits
  • 7x24x365 emergency response
  • Root cause failure analysis and remediation

To learn more about our critical facility infrastructure audits, maintenance programs, and product line, get in touch with our experienced team.