We’ll foolproof your telecommunications backup power plan.

telecom staggering battery systemIn the telecommunications industry, gaps in service have serious implications. Unfortunately, problems are a given, be it from lines being cut accidentally by utility companies, or from natural disasters. When faced with those situations, your reserve power system is all that protects against an extended outage in telecommunications service.

telecom cablingAt ABT, we ensure that you avoid these gaps in service. By working hand-in-hand with industry professionals to utilize the best practices and manufacturer-recommended procedures, we provide comprehensive support to your entire reserve power infrastructure. Our factory-trained technicians deliver completely integrated solutions, from equipment procurement to turnkey installation. If you’d like us to remain hands-on, we’ll even manage your system afterwards, too.

Telecom Backup Power Solutions

Full reserve power, from your central office to your most remote huts.

Telecommunication systems are used to connect people through an electronic exchange of data or information spanning large distances. The most basic form of telecom communication takes place between two stations equipped with transmitters and receivers to relay and receive messages and data.

Today it is becoming much more common for telecom communication stations to share data amongst themselves, creating a network. The most prevalent example of this communication infrastructure is the internet. Some other examples of telecom networks include:

  • Corporate and academic wide area networks (WANs)
  • Telephone networks
  • Emergency response communication networks (police and fire departments)
  • Taxi dispatch systems
  • Radio operations

Telecom companies transmit signals in a variety of manners such as:

  • Electrical wire or copper cables
  • Optical fibers
  • Electromagnetic fields (wireless)

The actual data conveyed or shared in telecommunications is done via an electric carrier wave, and information is passed via analog or digital modulation modes.

Even the briefest of outages or interruptions in power supply have serious and costly implications in the telecommunication industry. This is because all the aspects of the business are heavily connected and seamlessly networked together, so a failure at any point can slow, stall, or completely stop the flow of information and communication facilitated by such companies.

A strong, efficient reserve power system is the best defense a telecom company can employ against inevitable and unavoidable service interruptions caused by man or nature. Because telecom networks are so elaborately interconnected, the reserve power sources needed may span across multiple locations within the company, including:

  • Central offices
  • Cellular sites
  • Remote locations
  • Head offices
  • Emergency communication system centers
  • Outside cabinets


ABT Power Management and Telecommunications Backup Systems

ABT Power Management is a full service power management company, specializing in backup power systems for telecom companies and data centers. Our batteries and equipment are state of the art, and we use the very latest information technology for remotely monitoring the health and charge levels of our products.

ABT Power Management strives to find efficient, cost-effective, and productivity enhancing solution to power and backup telecom companies. We also endeavor to ensure that our telecommunications customers do not have to worry about power interruptions or outages impacting their intricately networked systems.

We are proud to employ a highly trained team of technicians who are experts in setting up, managing, and maintaining reserve power systems to the rigorous telecom standards and specifications.

Get in touch to learn more about our telecom reserve power audits, maintenance programs, and product line.