When backup power—or uninterrupted power supply—is essential, one needs to know that all the components of mission critical infrastructure are in good working order.

Think about it. How does a company know if their backup power systems are or are not working until the system is called on with a power outage? That is not a good time to find out that there is something wrong with the backup system.

Situation & Challenge

Company F is a consumer appliance company that had decided to assume the premises of an existing, 10+ year old building for its corporate headquarters. With that existing building came the backup power systems operated by a facility management company on behalf of its previous tenant.


Company F had previous experience with ABT in one of its manufacturing facilities and recommended that ABT be engaged to manage the maintenance of the mission critical infrastructure for their “new” North American corporate headquarters. ABT was contracted by the facility management company to maintain the systems to ensure that when backup was needed, it was going be fully operational with no hitches.


ABT conducted a full facility infrared scanning to locate the smallest components that might bring down the entire backup system. In fact, ABT found exactly that.



The IR scan showed a specific issue with one small component of the building’s only mechanical transfer switch that would have crippled the entire system, and maybe caused extensive permanent damage to the equipment. ABT worked collaboratively with the facility management company and Company F to develop a plan for replacement of faulty components. The plan required placing the building’s mechanical load onto generator until the switch could be repaired. During the 48 hours until the parts arrived, ABT personnel were onsite to monitor the generators (including sleeping on a cot in the emergency switchgear room) to make sure that if another issue arose, expert hands would be on the premises. Parts arrived, ABT replaced the component, brought the system completely to leading edge specifications, and tested the system for reliability. Peace of mind for Company F.


Three years later, a monthly schedule of preventative maintenance and proactive inspections are scheduled and budgeted to keep the mission critical infrastructure systems sharp and reliable. The partnership between ABT, the facility management company, and Company F is collaborative, effective, and built with trust.

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