ABT has assembled multiple lithium chemistry options to ensure we can meet the demands of every pallet jack, sit down and swing reach in your fleet. Our focus is on safety, data transparency and longevity of asset life. Every day we are finding new applications where lithium makes sense, both operationally and financially, for our customers.



ABT has brought hydrogen power cells to market over the last six years. Power cells, or fuel cells as they are more commonly called, can deliver significant productivity gains for high velocity facilities that need to power up in 3 minutes or less and get back to work. They also reduce the need for charger space and bring the promise of environmental improvement through clean energy.



Thin plate is attempting to bridge the gap between the future promise of lithium and today’s primary power source, lead acid batteries. The trick with thin plate is to make sure they are charged frequently. Not necessarily a lot, but frequently. We are deploying these in appropriate applications today where the customer is interested in eliminating watering but can commit to plugging up frequently during the day.



Today’s dominant technology, “old faithful” lead acid batteries have delivered for over 100 years. The tricks our team has learned over the last twenty years of GuaranteedPOWER® has taught us to apply this technology better every day. Many times we do an assessment on a existing lead acid implementation and find that just by changing the power system to fit the applications in a facility, we can get a customer back to Always Up at a lower cost than they spend today! And, it is 99.7% recyclable—how’s that for a positive environmental impact?