At ABT, our innovations are backed by exceptional service.

In the beginning, ABT stood for Advanced Battery Technologies because innovation was at the heart of our business. Over time we’ve learned serving our customers goes way beyond the products we sell, which is why we now call ourselves ABT Power Management. Our sole purpose is to find a better way to serve you. We consistently seek to leverage technology as a tool to control your cost, increase your efficiency, and maximize your ROI.

Whether your needs are in material handling or back-up power, having state-of-the-art equipment can help lower your true cost of ownership significantly. Keep in mind that we only offer solutions that fit your specific needs. At ABT, we’ll never suggest technology just for technology’s sake. Often what we find is that many of our customers aren’t even aware of the possibilities. Here are just a few of our innovations that can make a difference for your operation.

RAAMS: More uptime for a stronger bottom line




A forklift fleet is only as good as the power management system supporting it, and our Remote Automated Asset Management System (RAAMS) is as good as it gets. With forklift batteries scattered throughout your facility, it’s not an easy job to track and manage your assets. RAAMS not only collects data on your batteries and chargers, the data also flows through our exclusive rules engine that searches for opportunities to extend battery life and increase performance. This data helps us understand the unique relationship the batteries and chargers have within the context of your business. RAAMS understands where your pain points are, and then allows us to address them with the best solution. These “a-ha!” moments allow us to create a list of actionable items that will improve the efficiency of your operation.

ABT Z-Line Chargers: High-frequency leads to high efficiency

Our Z-line high-frequency chargers are another example of our commitment to cutting-edge technology. Zapi is a global supplier of high-frequency battery chargers—as well as motor controllers, AC motors, and other electrical components—and together we’ve custom-designed the most advanced charging system available today. With 15 years of data collection experience, we’ve built our knowledge into the RAAMS software that dynamically adjusts charge profiles. There’s nothing like having application experience combined with real-time data that translates messages to adapt the charger to the battery’s needs. You can see battery usage, battery age, and temperature, which are just a few of the factors that impact the battery. The data has also taught us how to maximize the battery performance with customized charge profiles. Simply put, we’ve taken smart charging to a whole new level.

ABTU: The university for all things ABT

Since we demand a lot from our teammates, it’s only fair that we provide them with the resources to be successful. ABTU is our “online university” that provides customizable education plans for our employees, and it also serves as an interactive learning management system that allows us to learn from one another. Within ABTU, employees can access their required courses, see their proficiency profiles, and view their training calendar remotely. Designed with the end user in mind, the curriculum supports our company’s power management efforts, as well as employees’ desire to stay on the cusp of the latest trends. ABTU is a testament to our belief that learning never stops, especially in the motive and reserve power industry.

ABTU Graphic