Situation & Challenge

High ambient temperatures are deadly to batteries, but the proper matching of battery to application and the proper ongoing care of batteries can insulate them from the harmful effects of heat. In the telecom industry, an account with more than 60 sites and two to three strings per site was experiencing high temperatures that limited battery life to only two to three years. Unfortunately, a battery supplier had told the account that short battery life was simply a hard fact of their particular reserve application.


ABT conducted a detailed and comprehensive assessment of each of the cabinets and locations, recommending a product precisely designed for their particular application and guaranteeing five years of life.


Almost four years later, the account has had zero battery failures. Personnel that once had to constantly monitor and maintain the batteries has been able to shift their focus to overall system continuity.

“Our company was introduced to ABT over three years ago. We have a high temperature environment and were having constant trouble with battery failures. Once we switched to ABT, our battery performance has been nearly pain-free. I needed reliability, and that’s what ABT brought me.”


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