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Whether you’re interested in reserve or motive power, there are a lot of details to cover before you can find the right solution for your organization. At ABT, we believe in client education—that’s the only way you can make an informed decision, especially on matters so critical to your operation. We’re committed to providing white papers, blog posts, and case studies to keep our customers informed about power management solutions, as well as the latest industry trends.

Motive Products & Services

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Corporate Overview

Take a closer look at the markets
we serve at ABT Power Management.


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The Power of an Assessment

See how an ABT Assessment can help
reduce your fleet power inefficiencies.







Proactive Maintenance for POWER

Discover how our PMPower Solution can save money and increase productivity. 







Get the MOST out of your electric equipment by letting us manage your power - no risk at a fixed monthly cost. 







We engineer a solution that's right for you, implement it and train you to used the data to effectively manage your power for less cost and more productivity.