With training and proper equipment, we manage power.

Battery Room You expect your battery and charging systems to exceed your expectations, but your battery room equipment should, too. Since it’s such a vital part of your overall power management solution, only the best services and products will do. Maintaining the safest work environment possible is of utmost importance to us, which is why every ABT technician undergoes the most extensive training in the industry. Whether we’re providing your battery and charger maintenance, or we’re training you and your staff, you can be confident that you’re in the most experienced hands in the industry.

Battery Room Solutions and Equipment

Telecommunications companies and data centers typically set up designated battery rooms in their central offices to supply backup power in the event of a main source power loss. A battery room is an important space or room devoted solely to the storage of backup batteries or uninterruptible power systems.

Battery Room Equipment

Beyond the actual DC batteries, the battery room also includes any of the following equipment for safe storage and handling of the backup systems housed in the room:
  • Handling equipment for the batteries
  • Racks for battery storage
  • Battery wash station equipment
  • Acid-resistant floor epoxy
  • Battery rotation systems
  • Hydrogen detection devices
  • Safety signage, supplies, and eyewash stations
  • Cleaners and absorbers

Battery Room Safety and Ventilation

Battery room safety and ventilation are of utmost importance because many backup batteries emit hydrogen or oxygen if they’re overcharged or overheated. Keeping the battery room at the correct temperature with a well-maintained heating and cooling system is also vital. A battery’s lifespan diminishes in heat, but a room that is kept too cold will decrease the energy storage potential of the equipment in the room. Additionally, the chemical reaction that causes batteries to generate power can also be hazardous and dangerous if the corrosive acids within the batteries leak and come into contact with other equipment or facility employees. This is why most battery rooms contain an emergency wash station so that personnel can quickly and easily wash off any spilled or splashed battery acids.

DC Battery Room Equipment and Management

ABT Power Management is an industry leading provider in industrial DC batteries, and we take great pride in the innovative IT systems we have in place to monitor and communicate with our batteries. This ensures that all the batteries in a backup power room are in good health and function, and are ready and fully charged in the event of a power outage or surge. ABT Power Management understands and exceeds the network infrastructure requirements for reliability and varying redundancy in telecom and data center environments. Our batteries are designed and configured to meet these adaptability and power needs. In addition to excellent battery and equipment, we offer a full spectrum of power management services so we can set up a battery room, and safely and properly manage and service the important equipment it contains, making certain an emergency power outage won’t cause an emergency for our clients and customers.

When it comes to your battery room, we can provide:

  • Battery changing and handling equipment
  • Battery rack systems
  • Battery wash equipment
  • Automatic watering systems
  • Acid-resistant epoxy floor coating
  • First In-First Out (FIFO) battery rotation systems
  • Spill containment and safety kits
  • Safety posters and signs
  • Eye wash stations
  • Absorbers, cleaners, pillows, and booms
  • Hydrogen detectors