Industrial Forklift Battery Repair: Keeping Operations On the Move

Forklift batteries are an important, but expensive investment for any company that requires powered machinery to more efficiently meet their material handling, ground support, or manufacturing needs. The investment in a quality battery is much more profitable for a company if the needed care and maintenance are put into extending the life and efficiency of the battery.

Industrial batteries can offer many years of quality power and service if they are monitored, maintained, and repaired when needed. However, if these batteries are not properly maintained and taken care of, the investment can become even more costly through premature equipment failure.

Battery Repair Benefits

If a service provider does not have adequate hazardous waste treatment facilities, they might only be able to offer the replacement of cells, which can quickly increase the number of batteries a company is purchasing, perhaps unnecessarily if a repair can restore optimal function and extend the lifecycle of the equipment.
There are many distinct advantages to repairing batteries, such as:

  • Extending the life of the battery
  • Preventing damage to trucks or machines
  • Increasing safety and minimizing risk of injuries or burns
  • Reducing frequency of motor replacements
  • Increasing productivity and efficiency of the battery and the business it powers

ABT Power Management Battery Monitoring and Repair

ABT Power Management provides top quality forklift batteries, and also offers expert maintenance, monitoring, and repair services to ensure a power source that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective for many years to come.

Our service is unique from the competition because we leverage an innovative information system to monitor the power, charge, and health of our industrial equipment and batteries. This power management system is completely remote, and offers quick and efficient diagnostic capabilities of our customers’ batteries and equipment. This means that we can help companies increase productivity and cut costs by reducing the number of batteries needed through remote assessment of a root cause whenever there is an error or anticipated need of a repair. This leads to decreased equipment downtime, and more timely, specific and efficient repairs when the need arises.

Because we monitor the battery health and constantly, and consistently manage the power output for our customers, we are able to help free up more time for them to focus on mission critical aspects of their company. This also builds confidence in optimally functioning equipment, and increases productivity through fewer equipment failures and downtime caused by damaged or uncharged batteries.