Battery Handling Systems

Industrial Battery Handling Systems Before

BEFORE – Conventional Charging System

At ABT, we engineer, supply, install, and maintain motive power and reserve power battery handling systems to assure the lowest cost of ownership for our customers. While we have a battery for every application, the ABT advantage lies in our ability to assess and understand your specific operational needs. We’re committed to investing hundreds of hours studying your power requirements, analyzing your data, and customizing your solution, all in the name of lowering your overall operating costs.

Motive Power Applications


AFTER – High Frequency Charging System – 50% less equipment

Much of our time is spent managing motive power battery systems used in the material handling industry, including power solutions for electric forklift trucks and automated guided vehicles. At ABT, we’re passionate about reducing the number of batteries and chargers you need to power your fleet.

Technologies include:

  • Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries
    • Low-Maintenance Batteries
    • Hi-Energy Batteries
  • Gel Lead-Acid Batteries

Reserve Power Applications

DC Power Battery Handling System

DC Power System

Another major segment of our business is managing reserve power battery handling systems that provide back-up power to data centers, hospitals, banks, and applications throughout the telecommunications industry. These battery back-up systems are often supplying critical power—where failure is not an option—to 911 emergency lines, hospital operating rooms, and data communications.

Technologies include:

  • Flooded Lead-Acid Batteries
  • AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) Lead-Acid Batteries
  • Pure Lead Thin Plate Batteries
  • Nickel-cadmium Batteries