Industrial Generator Maintenance & Repair: We’ve Got You Covered

An automated supply of backup power is necessary to maintain constant critical function of many industrial and commercial operations. Industrial generators are important pieces of equipment used to supply backup power during a power outage or interruption. The use of an industrial generator ensures that necessary daily tasks can continue and business operations can move forward during planned maintenance or unplanned outages.

How a Generator Works

An electric generator works by converting external mechanical energy into electrical energy. Generators do not actually generate or create power. They instead use electrical charges present in the wire windings and force them to move through an external circuit. A common analogy applied to describing how this machine works is in comparison to a water pump, which is used to move water but does not create water in and of itself.

Importance of Battery Power and Life in Industrial Generators

Battery power and life is very important in industrial generators because the start function of the machine is operated by a battery. The battery charger keeps the generator constantly charged through a precise supply of “float voltage”. This is necessary because if float voltage of the battery is kept too low, the battery will be undercharged and will not be able to properly function. If the voltage is too high, on the other hand, the lifespan of the battery will quickly diminish.

ABT Power Management is a full service power management company with expertise in motive and reserve power and backup systems. As part of our comprehensive services, we not only supply generator batteries, but also provide maintenance and repair for industrial generators.

In addition to peace of mind, our power management services help our customers increase the efficiency and reliability of their equipment without any extra effort or work on their part. We also help reduce costs by extending the life and function of all the batteries our customers use to power their businesses.