Motive Power Solutions: Keeping Your Business on The Go

If you use motive power batteries in your electric vehicles, they’re actually the engines behind your entire business. That’s why you can’t just focus on using the best batteries; topnotch products are only one element of a successful forklift fleet. Constant vigilance is also required to keep your operation moving. Inefficient batteries or chargers cost you time and money, which is why a comprehensive motive power solution always leads to a healthier bottom line. We provide these solutions with our blend of motive power technology and experience, all in the name of delivering superior performance and unmatched reliability.

We’ll find a better way to power your fleet.

The backbone of our business is our Fleet Assessment process. It’s one thing to make recommendations, but it’s entirely another to assume the risk of those decisions. To us, it’s not an option – we have to be the best. For over 15 years we’ve studied hundreds of applications, thousands of vehicles, and collected millions of data packets. Our vast experience allows us to find a better way to power your fleet. We’ve studied applications such as manufacturing, distribution, food processing, cold storage, high heat environments, etc. We’ve studied automated guided vehicles, sit-down forklifts, standup forklifts, pallet jacks, clamp trucks, and virtually every type of battery-powered vehicle. We consider it our job to understand how our power impacts your operations.

We provide top-to-bottom motive power solutions.

Our goal is to increase the productivity of your forklift fleet, all while lowering your overall operating costs. That starts with an extensive evaluation of your fleet. Finding gaps or inefficiencies allows us to uncover the ideal motive power solution for your business, one that addresses your pain points and corrects them, then monitors your fleet going forward to avoid new ones.

From selling and installing equipment that has been matched precisely to your operational characteristics to providing our GuaranteedPOWER® and FleetPOWER power management programs, ABT ensures that your productivity goes up, while your overall operating costs go down.

Let us assess, install, and manage.

When it comes to motive power we provide battery maintenance, repair, service, and more:

  • Fleet Assessments and Power Studies
  • Engineered Custom Solutions
  • Installation Services
  • Equipment Repairs and Maintenance
  • Remote Asset (Batteries and Chargers) Monitoring
  • Planned Maintenance Programs (PMs)

To learn more about your most urgent needs, schedule a fleet assessment with our experienced team.