Situation & Challenge

Every telecom operation has a unique climate whose temperature dictates an optimum match of DC power equipment to maximize DC power life. One such operation in a harsh climate of sand and high heat was getting only four years of life from their batteries before they contacted ABT.


ABT assessed each of the operation’s 200 sites — including every cabinet, hut, and central office — and determined that there was a better match of battery type to the application and climate. ABT started by replacing all cabinet strings. The customer then asked ABT to not only continue the installation of new optimally matched batteries into all cabinets, huts, and central offices, but also to recommend a planned maintenance program that the operation could manage on its own.


Today, the operation manages its own maintenance and gets more than five years of life from its equipment. ABT advises the customer on proper ongoing maintenance and stands ready to upgrade, install, and remove equipment when needed. The operation and ABT have enjoyed a collaborative and effective relationship for over eight years. ABT earned the trust of this customer through total dedication to its needs and unmatched expertise in the industry. The operation’s manager put it best when he communicated, “ABT has always delivered on time and as quoted. They always respond quickly to my emergency needs and don’t price gouge me when emergency services are needed. I always get quality work!”


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