GuaranteedPOWER®. It’s all in the name, really.

GuaranteedPOWER® is ABT’s flagship program that covers every aspect of your motive power needs. Once enrolled, the managing of battery power for your entire forklift fleet falls completely on our shoulders. One fixed monthly fee covers battery and charger equipment, battery watering, battery washing, and equipment repairs.

In the end, there are no financial surprises for you and your business. You can rest easy knowing you’re paying a fixed amount from month to month, all without ever having to lift a finger. Typically we’re able to reduce the number of batteries required for your uptime, and that’s without your current operation missing a beat. If we’re wrong, we have to add equipment back—out of our own pocket. See? We weren’t kidding about the “guaranteed” part.

Our Process

  •   Assessment & Power Study
  •   Detailed Cost Analysis
  •   Customer Equipment Specifications
  •   ROI Cost Justification
  •   ABT Managed (No Risk)

We’re not psychic. We just use superior technology.

Under GuaranteedPOWER®, every single lift truck battery on our watch is accounted for by our state-of-the-art monitoring system. This means we can keep an eye on every battery out in the field. We know if charger settings need to be adjusted, or if a battery needs to be watered. That means we can send out a service technician with a solution before a problem ever arises. Often we even send commands to our chargers to remedy an emerging forklift battery issue. This is the kind of proactive support that comes with our GuaranteedPOWER® program.

Here’s an example of what our GuaranteedPOWER® program did for a Fortune 500 food company:

# Lift Trucks Battery per
Lift Truck,
Pre vs Post
Battery Life,
Pre vs Post
(# Battery Changes)
420 2.6 to
4 years to
5 years
1080 to

FAQs: Is GuaranteedPOWER® a good management solution for you?

  • Do you operate two to three shifts using battery change-out equipment?
  • Do your forklift trucks run out of battery power before the end of the shift?
  • Do you have more than two batteries for each lift truck in order to keep your operations running?
  • Do you incur expensive and frequent battery and charger repairs?
  • Do you lease capital equipment?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, then you can answer “yes” to learning more about the benefits of GuaranteedPOWER®. Request a Fleet Assessment today, and we’ll customize the program to fit your needs.