Situation & Challenge

A global food company with large production and distribution plants spread across the country relied on ABT for battery and charger purchases, and for break/fix in their North Carolina facility.

Although ABT conducted numerous power assessments showing the operation had double the number of forklift batteries than was required to power their fleet, there was no strong impetus for change. Operations were running adequately, and the surplus batteries allowed for lenience in their watering and maintenance practices. It wasn’t until the plant faced a large equipment obsolescence and capital spend challenge that they invited ABT in to conduct a new power assessment.


ABT proposed a 35% increase in ROI and guaranteed uptime through its GuaranteedPOWER® program. Compelled by the economics and operational strength of the proposal, the plant’s review group introduced ABT to corporate, and a proposal for all US plants ensued. Championed by a corporate engineer who readily grasped the strength of the proposal, ABT GuaranteedPOWER® rolled out to all plants nationwide.

ABT guaranteed battery life for the three-year contract period and assumed responsibility for all maintenance. The charging system shifted from 100% battery swap to a hybrid of swapping and opportunity/fast charging (charging the battery in the truck while the truck is parked for breaks or between shifts.)


The company experienced $2mm in annual savings from the change to ABT’s GuaranteedPOWER® program. The number of batteries was reduced from over 1,300 to around 700, and the operations were completely and reliably powered despite the nearly 50% reduction. When all batteries were healthy at the end of




the three-year contract, the contract was extended for a fourth year, generating additional savings and ROI.

Eight years later, ABT continues to track the health of the company’s batteries and chargers through proprietary remote monitoring systems. The company has renewed and extended contracts with ABT multiple times and is still supported nationwide by ABT’s GuaranteedPOWER® program.

A senior manager at the NC plant explained, “ABT got us out of the battery business and allowed us to get back to shipping soup. The running of that whole operation became transparent to everyone, especially finance and management, who saw reduced costs and a more efficient fleet. This expertise, combined with an incredible dedication to customer service, has created a partnership that is based on trust and the willingness to provide a valuable service at a minimal cost.”

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